This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ News Might Make Johnny Depp Poorer

Not a good year for Johnny Depp. Not a good year for Hollywood in some cases. Attendance is down for theatrical releases. For Depp, he had his Amber Heard divorce. His dirty laundry also got aired in public and no one likes that.

Now comes news that hackers have stolen Depp’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie. On top of that, they’re holding it for ransom and threatening to release it bit by bit if their demands aren’t met.

Disney, the studio for the movie, refuses to cave in to these hostage demands. They’ve turned to the FBI for help. Is that gonna help? I heard the FBI has their own stuff going on lately.

The actual ransom hasn’t been revealed. Is it one beeeellion dollars?

Hackers, if you didn’t hear, have this new M.O. They hack and steal the movies, threaten their premature release and hope to capitalize on the movie studios’ worries. They tried it with Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Netflix never paid out the demands in that case either.

If the hackers release Pirates, it might hurt Depp’s backend. Most likely he gets points on the movie. Less money means less dollars for Depp to blow on wine, art and shooting dead people out of cannons.

The hackers wants Disney to believe they’ll release the movie in small increments onto the interwebz. Aren’t these just called previews? Thanks for helping out Disney’s marketing campaign.

The movie comes out May 29th.

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