What Happens When You Use a Puppy to Polish a Maserati MC12?

Outrage. You get outrage. Rich Kids of London posted this video of some guy using a puppy to polish a Maserati MC12. While the post claims the puppy wasn’t harmed and that it was “all smiles and tail wags”, people were still outraged. Commenters likened it to animal abuse.

People are right. This is terrible. A Maserati MC12 goes for $1.5 million or more. You don’t want to polish one of those with a puppy. Their fur has a lot of dirt in it. You’ll scratch the car, fool!

According to the account, the post was courtesy m666ya, a collector of super cars. My eyes can’t roll hard enough.

Yea, I don’t know if I’m as outraged as everyone. It’s not like he lathered the puppy in polish and slammed it on the hood and started rubbing it in there like he was sanding a patio. That stupid puppy probably thought it was getting a belly rub the entire time. But what do I know? The last time I tried to wax a car I couldn’t even get my puppy to stay still.

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