Hipsters Now Doing ‘Beer Yoga’

Of course, they are. I bet at any given moment there are at least two white people with dreads doing beer yoga in any Brooklyn apartment.

Essentially, a bunch of people get together for a yoga class and throw back a few. According to GQ, this s**t started up at Burning Man.

Of course, it did.

Started by very hip German yoga instructors, the craze is sweeping Australia and Southeast Asian countries and is probably also in a yoga studio near you.

While combining physical activity where it’s really easy for you to pull your crotch muscles or whatever, and you need to balance, and drinking doesn’t sound like a great idea to me, I’m a bitter old man in a 25-year-old body, and not very cool, so what the f**k do I know?

I think I’ll continue to get hammered after I do my yoga, and not during, the way nature probably intended.

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