Instagram ‘Model’ or Whatever Savagely Roasted Off Reddit

Reddit’s /r/roastme is a sub where anyone can request to be roasted by anyone. It’s all in good fun and there’s nothing too biting. Unless you’re either really ugly or really attractive. This deals with the latter.

Instagram model or whatever she calls herself, Niece Waidhofer, submitted a post asking people to roast her. It was your usual hot girl trying to seem down for taking a few hits to her ego but really fishing for compliments power move. What Waidhofer didn’t realize was this would tragically backfire. You see, anyone over the age of 13 could see through this transparent play for attention. Not even a white knight would have gotten off his horse to save her ego from being ripped to shreds. And Reddit user paross was certainly no white knight. Here’s his roast which is probably a big reason for Waidhofer deleting her profile.

Your implants and cry for attention on here only highlight what you and everyone else already suspect… you are insecure.

Likely your insecurity stems from always questioning if you really ever earned anything by merit. Most people probably hand you things because they like looking at you. But that’s made you vapid, shallow, and unable to perform in any way that adds true value in the world.

Your relationships are superficial. Your romance life always has the shadow of doubt. Does he love you… or how you look? If you were disfigured, would anyone give you a second glance based on personality?

That nagging feeling will keep you looking for validation. It keeps you in the gym. It makes you post photos online looking for praise or positive attention. It keeps you going back for a nip here and tuck there. Before long you’ll look like Donatella Versace with the personality of one of her handbags.

You’ll shift from being the center of attention to being part of a gaggle of women who make rude comments about younger girls because you feel jealous and rude comments about men who no longer pay attention to you.

You’d be better served working on being a better person than hunting for attention on Reddit, but you’ll likely die young and your grave will be about as shallow as your personality.

Dear. God. This is 2017! This type of savagery shouldn’t exist in a civilized society. He shined a light so bright that the makeup she hides her insecurities with melted off.

Oh, but it didn’t end there. Even her ex chimed in. (Update: Maybe not her ex)

Are Ex’s allowed to post? Well, here it goes:

You wish you were a real actress so people couldn’t see right through you. You look like your major in college was gold digging. You might be able to marry rich if you knew what to do with a dick when you see one. You’re so desperate for attention you’ve gone from self-posting on r/prettygirls and r/goddesses to r/roastme. Your little shit of a purse dog is the only true loyalty you’ll ever find, and even that is contingent on you continuing to feed it. Your tattoos of guns pointing at your vagina are probably there because the dumb-ass guys you’ve had to settle for need instructions in finding it under that Demi Moore-inspired bush of yours. You flossed your eyebrows more than a dentist flosses his teeth. Your nipples look like they had a fight with each other and are hiding on the opposite sides of your boobs. You obviously can’t take criticism. You will die alone.

Paross dug the grave and buried her. Her ex simply placed some nice daffodils on top. She dead. Here’s here in memoriam. Also, I’m pretty sure she made a subreddit for herself.

#iwokeuplikethis #imadirtydirtyliar #igenerallysleepdressedlikeimhomeless

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If for some reason you want to hear her talk, she did a live Q&A because… I don’t know why.

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Gahd. My soul; it burns O.o Never thought I’d feel sorry for a member of the DNA-gifted.


Fuck you and fuck reddit.


triggered much?

Chaz Gomez

What an awsone article and spectacular redditt responses… Paross should win an award for interweb postings…


Maxim called her Instagram feed “straight fire”. Like, a dumpster fire.

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