Ivanka Trump: Most Bangable Is Christian Bale from ‘American Psycho’

It’s starting to feel like maybe Ivanka Trump has a type. She’s not a shallow all-about-the-looks kind of girl. She prefers her men to be born to privilege, and maybe just a little bit psychotic. Kind of like her dad.

There’s nothing weird about finding Christian Bale attractive. Plenty do. It’s her choice of Bale that raises an eyebrow though. If she wanted a good-looking, well-dressed version of Christian Bale, she has three Batman movies to choose from, which had Bale at his most fit, most haunted, and richest. But no, she had to go and confess her attraction for literal psychotic murderer Christian Bale.

When talking about what sorts of guys she’s into, Ivanka said she likes them:

“Typically a little bit older than myself — someone who knows what he wants. Aesthetically, Christian Bale is like a god — I find him to be so good-looking. I mean, he was great in American Psycho. Very attractive.”

Wow, that’s one way to put it. On the one hand, Patrick Bateman (the titular American Psycho) certainly knows what he wants. On the other hand, it’s to worship himself in the mirror as he has sex, and to murder a homeless dude. Those aren’t things that I find attractive- or godlike for that matter- but I’m not the first lady of the United States… I mean the first daughter! Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

The most disappointing part is that this comes so soon after the best judgement Ivanka has ever displayed. When Canadian Prime Minister, and possible real-life Disney Prince Justin Trudeau, came to the White House, Ivanka was all over that. She couldn’t stop making eyes at the guy. Good on her. Not only is Trudeau a handsome gentleman, he’s never bragged about molesting underage girls or murdered the homeless.

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