Jessica Chastain Drags Johnny Depp for Being Lazy AF

We all know Johnny Depp is too busy launching literary figures’ ashes out of cannons and cutting off parts of his body to throw at his exes to actually work.

During an interview with BBC, Chastain was asked about her line memorization technique, considering that it’s apparently so hard. Way too hard for Johnny Depp, who makes millions a film and has all of his lines fed to him through an earpiece like that one Spongebob Squarepants episode.

She replied that her technique is “working hard” and rolled her eyes so far back they probably tickled her brain stem.

According to Someecards, Johnny Depp’s method for nailing it on the set of Pirates 5 involved forcing hundreds of extras and the cast and crew to wait around for hours until he could be bothered to wake up.

I’m so over Johnny Depp.

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