Johnny Depp’s Friends Are Afraid He’s Dying

After Johnny Depp appeared at a recent dinner party 35 pounds lighter with his hair and teeth falling out, insiders are afraid that there’s something seriously wrong with him.

Insiders told Radar:

“Johnny looks like walking death,” says an insider. “He lost 35 pounds in a brief amount of time.”

Apparently, he usually weighs about 170 pounds and is down to 137.

“His teeth are rotting, his cheeks are sunken, his hair is thinning and falling out and his body is emaciated,” adds the insider.

His friends worry that a lifetime of drinking and more has finally caught up with the star, or that he has a serious illness.

Depp chalks it all up to stress and says he’s fine. Considering he’s fresh out of an ugly divorce and in a huge legal battle, that could be real. His spokesman says the extreme weight loss is for an upcoming film.

So which is it?

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