‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Want to Kill Everyone Because the Show Sucks

The Walking Dead fans are so crazy. (How crazy are they?) The Walking Dead fans are so crazy that they send death threats to actors on the show and force them to quit social media.

Josh McDermitt, better known as Eugene to The Walking Dead fans, logged off social media because fans of the show don’t understand that it’s just a show.

“‘Butthole’, death threats…don’t send me death threats, cuz I’m gonna report all that s**t to the cops. You can hate Eugene, I don’t care – I’ll argue that you’re wrong but you can think whatever you want. But when you start saying you hope I die, I don’t know if you’re talking about Josh or Eugene and I gotta report that s**t, so just don’t be an asshole. Stop complaining about everything on the Internet, seriously.

I love when people make a dramatic scene about quitting social media, only to return a couple of weeks later. Celebrities receive death threats on social media all the time. You just block those people and move on. By my count, zero percent of celebrity deaths have come via social media threats. Social media death threats are on the same level as your wife threatening to leave you if you don’t take out the trash.

Maybe the show should be better. No one sent death threats to Aaron Paul when he turned on Bryan Cranston.

This isn’t the first instance of The Walking Dead fans being crazy. One old lady was going to run over an actor with her car. The bad news is that we’ll be hearing about these stories for another 20 years because The Walking Dead will never die.

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