Justin Bieber Forgets His Spanish, Tries Out a New Language

Justin Bieber wants you to think that he knows Spanish. That’s why he decided to sing the chorus to some song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

The song sounds really good when it’s mixed to perfection. But let’s check in on the live version.

Oh man, cool remix, Justin. I like how you just cut out all of the Spanish words except “Despactico,” which is the name of the track.

In fairness to the Biebs, Spanish is tough. I took three years in high school and another four in college and I can barely introduce myself in the language. I’m sure it’s much easier when you’re in the studio and have the words in front of you, a personal language coach, and multiple takes.

The good news is that no one really cared that Bieber doesn’t know Spanish. They were just happy that this wasn’t a Pitbull track.

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