Justin Bieber Wants Everything to Be White in India

Being a celebrity seems like it would be really cool because you can tell people what to get you and they have to do it. Well, they don’t have to do it, but they’re going to do it. Because you are a celebrity. And they are not. Some of my favorite celebrity stories involve the demands they have when they’re on tour or on the set of their movie. Celebrities don’t give a damn. They’ll demand the craziest s**t, even if they don’t actually want it, because they know they’ll get it. That’s some real power.

Justin Bieber is a celebrity. Thus, he gets to come up with a list of over-the-top demands that people will kill themselves trying to put together. Here’s Bieber’s alleged list as tweeted out by journalist Arjun S Ravi.

My favorite is definitely “eight power outlets.” Like, if it’s nine, will Bieber be pissed off and cancel the entire tour?

What kind of conclusions can we draw from this? Well, Bieber definitely likes white. White curtains in his dressing room, white shirts, white shirts, white tank tops, white socks, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, white handkerchiefs, white cheddar popcorn, vanilla room fresheners, etc…. But, his favorite color is purple.

We also learned that the Biebs loves yoga and is also eating a lot of organic food. But he still needs to know where the nearest steakhouse is. One item not on the list: Hailee Steinfeld.

I can’t even be mad at this list. I know I’d pull the same s**t if I were a celebrity. You never know when your star will fade. May as well take advantage of it being bright when you can.

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