Kanye West Left Social Media Because He Needs Quiet Time

Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram last Friday. Usually, stars do this for publicity. Knowing Kanye, it might be the case, but a source says he just wants to work on a new album sans distractions. Odd because if your wife is Kim Kardashian, you have a permanent distraction.

The source says Kanye “wasn’t using social media that often and it wasn’t necessary for his creative process.” Where are we gonna go for celeb Twitter fights now?? Kanye had beefs with Deadmau5, Wiz Khalifa and Mark Zuckerberg.

The same source says social media “wasn’t a healthy outlet for him” and “he’s in a different place now.” Like, literally, he’s in a different place. Kanye traveled to a Wyoming mountaintop and is recording a new album there. Very zen.

Kanye’s meds seem to be working. How dull.

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