Katy Perry Dragged By Twitter For Bad Obama Joke

Katy Perry is another one who plays the girl power card like she’s involved in a game of feminism strip poker, but from time to time shows that she doesn’t actually know anything.

After a fan commented “I miss your old black hair” on Instagram Live, Katy took it upon herself to reply to them personally.

“Oh, really? Do you miss Barack Obama, as well? Oh, OK. Times change, bye. See you guys later.”

Where the f**k did that even come from? Well, the since-deleted account of the unfortunate commenter was “MsBarackObamaAsWell.”

This isn’t even a joke. People are terrified for their lives. A serial rapist is in the White House trying to dismantle our entire system of government so he and his friends can get even richer.

The leaps this slim shady lookin’ bitch is making to be petty are vast. Like, she was probably just trying to personally attack the rando who made a totally non-threatening and pretty run-of-the-mill comment, but this was a bad move.

If you want to even appear to talk s**t on Obama by accident find an MRA Reddit thread.

Sit down, Katy Perry.

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