Kendall Jenner Now Confused by the Meaning of Words

Poor Kendall Jenner. When she’s not screwing up everything, she’s screwing up words. It happened on photographer Mario Testino’s podcast, “On the Sofa with Kendall Jenner,” where he interviewed Jenner.

She came out and said:

“I don’t get to be hot very often…I love going, like, sexual, because I never really do it.”

I guess all of those bikini shoots, Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, and topless pictures on Instagram aren’t sexy. That’s high fashion art.

“I also love being transformed. Because everyone always wants to make me myself. Because not only am I a model but I guess have a name too, so people try — they get confused, they don’t know how to use me.”

Yes, Mario Testino, the old white guy talking in the podcast, certainly knows how to use you. He wants to turn you into a native of India because pretending to be another race is definitely sexy.

My favorite comment is, “I am a model, but I guess I have a name.” Kendall, sweetie, you’re only a model because you have a name. You think you would land these gigs if your name was Kendall Smith and you were waiting tables in L.A. two years ago? No. You’d still be waiting tables.

You know things are bad for Kendall when not even Diddy wants to associate with her. Diddy is friends with everyone and wants to be included in everything. But even he was like, “Ya, I gotta stay away from that.”

The good news for Kendall is that tomorrow is a new day to do something dumb.

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