This Kid Doesn’t Let Mike Pence Hit Him in the Face and Get Away with It

Mike Pence tried to build some goodwill on Tuesday by hosting military families to celebrate National Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Surrounded by women and children, Pence probably gave a rousing speech that made him seem like a great guy. But, this is our government in 2017, and that means something is bound to go wrong.

Pence, in effort to convey how much of a disaster Donald Trump’s presidency has been thus far, hit a poor kid in face. It didn’t look like much, and kids can fall off of ladders and be just fine, but the damage wasn’t the point. It was the rudeness that bothered the kid.

And this kid wasn’t going to listen to Elsa and just let it go.

He politely said, “Excuse me,” in trying to get Pence’s attention. Pence, ignoring the future of America, tries to walk away. But this kid isn’t having it. My favorite part is around the 38-second mark where the kid reenacts this classic Rock moment.

In the end, the kid gets some half-assed apology from Pence. Pence doesn’t even give the kid his full attention when apologizing. These are our leaders in 2017. At least America will rebound in 32 years when this outstanding kid is our President.

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