Kylie Jenner Mad That Ariel Winter Is Jacking Her Look

Considering Kylie Jenner paid big money to look like an ambiguously ethnic Bratz doll, Mattel should probably sue her for stealing their look and she should leave Ariel Winter alone.

According to the insider who spoke to, who I’m sure is totally real and not just a person they invented for clicks, Kylie Jenner is mad that Ariel Winter is copying her.

“Kylie [Jenner] is kind of flattered by it, but at the same time she’s a little irritated. She’s very proud of her unique style, and it annoys her that Ariel is constantly stealing her look, Kylie wishes that she would develop her own style instead of copying hers.”

I bet Nicki Minaj feels the same way about Kylie Jenner.

At least the majority of Ariel Winter’s body is real. I’ve seen knock-off purses more authentic than Kylie Jenner, who has reached uncanny valley levels of sex doll hell.

While their styles may be similar, so are most people’s. Most of us out here buying the same slave manufactured fake band tees from WalMart.

Let’s be real, Kylie Jenner has 99 problems and some chick who also likes to wear boob showing jumpsuits is probably not one of them. People who order her cosmetics get fucking arsenic half the time. Y’all need to focus on the real issues.

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