Martha Stewart’s Reaction to These Trump and Snoop Dogg Portraits Wins Everything Today

I think we’ve forgotten how villainous Martha Stewart used to be. Now that she’s filming Potluck with Snoop Dogg and they share a love of weed, she’s become the hip grandmother. She’d still sell you down the river, don’t get fooled.

Stewart earned some fans though posing in front of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg portraits today. She was visiting the Frieze Art Fair in New York and jumped in front of the massive photos. She flashed the peace sign in Snoop’s direction and a middle finger in Trump’s. Nice.

Instagram user Newlin Tillotson captured the once in a lifetime spontaneity and captioned it:

Was taking a picture of these Trump and Snoop Dogg pieces…and Martha Stewart walks into the frame and takes it to 💯#andresserrano #america#marthastewart #snoopdogg

I’ve gotta say, this would be the world’s weirdest threesome.

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