Melania Trump Broke Down and Finally Held Donald Trump’s Hand

The force is strong with this one. Melania Trump did so well in avoiding holding Donald Trump’s shrimp fingers, but one can only do so much.

It started with the swat. The Trumps disembarked onto the tarmac in Israel a few days ago. While walking, Donald reached out for Melania’s hand which she promptly batted away. Not today, Donald…Not today.

What is Donald if not persistent. The two then headed to Italy on their foreign tour. This time, the two stood at the Air Force One exit and waved to, I dunno, the crowd maybe (They were YUUUGE! The biggest Italian crowd ever). Again, the Donald reached for Melania’s hand. Melania already used the swat technique, so she resorted to another move. The “tuck the hair behind the ear” trick.

Two L’s for Donald, but he finally won and Melania gave in.

You can almost see Melania counting “One, one thousand…” in her head before Donald will let her hand go.

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