Minister Pukes During Vows, Is in the Wrong Line of Work

I’ve had to deal with three weddings in the last four weekends. One was my own, so that was fine (thank you for your congratulations). But last weekend was my cousin’s wedding and this weekend is the wedding of my wife’s good friend.

Basically, I can relate to this minister.

You have to give the bride a lot of credit here. She showed a brief moment of concern, was like, “this bitch is not stealing my moment” and continued right on with her vows. The bridesmaid and some old guy were much more worried. I hope the bride bitched at all three of them at the reception for not keeping the attention on her.

We need to get this minister a web redemption on Tosh.0 stat. She’ll never work as a minister again until she can prove to be able to officiate a wedding without losing her lunch over love. Make this happen, Daniel Tosh.

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