Mother Finds Out Her 6-Year-Old Was Killed… At the Press Conference

Thursday morning at 1:15 am in Jackson, Ms, Ebony Archie left her 6-year-old son, Kingston Frazier, in the back of her running Toyota Camry while she ran into a Kroger’s. In the 10 to 15 minutes she was gone, someone jumped out of a Honda Civic that had pulled up and stole the car with her son still inside.

Cops were called and an Amber Alert was issued at 4:15 am. 5 hours later at 9:30 am, police found her son dead with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. His body was found laying in the backseat of the car which had been left behind a warehouse at the end of a dirt road.

Authorities held a press conference detailing to reporters what they had discovered. One problem. They didn’t even notify the parents yet. The parents only found out when they wandered into the press conference asking for updates about their kid. Real professional, guys.

If there was anything positive at all about this story it’s that they arrested the three 17-year-olds responsible. They’ll all be charged with capital murder which is punishable by death. They’re being held without bail.

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