NBA’s Twitter Recognizes Amy Schumer, but Calls Dave Chappelle a ‘Fan’


The NBA is coming under fire for posting this gif of Amy Schumer and Dave Chapelle at the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers game with a really fucking insulting caption.

Firstly, saying that Amy Schumer has fans is wrong. She can buy all the mattresses she wants. She’s not fucking funny.

Secondly, that’s Dave Chappelle, an actual comedian who used to be the funniest fuck on the planet.

For once, me and Twitter agree that something is bullshit.

Yo, like who was that tasteless intern who knows who Amy Schumer is but not who Dave Chappelle is? Who is this uncultured swine?


Delete the NBA. Delete Amy Schumer. Delete sports. Delete everything.

You respect the man who invented The Time Haters.

Very good. He gets it.

This last tweet alone is funnier than anything Amy Schumer has ever said.

A fan.


[H/T BroBible]

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