Nicki Minaj Spent Saturday Paying College Costs for Random Students

On Saturday, Nicki Minaj was reviewing entries for a lip-sync contest celebrating her new release “Regret in Your Tears”. She tweeted that the winner would be able to either join her for the Billboard Music Awards on May 21 or hang out with her in the studio to listen to unreleased music.

One fan was all like, “Whatever. How about you pay for my tuition,” somewhat sarcastically. Nicki was all like, “you got straight A’s?” Oh. S**t.

Then other followers started tweeting at her about paying their tuition and college costs. Nicki was down af to do it because that’s the kind of person she is. Not like those other celebrities who block you when you ask them to send you pictures of their feet.

She may even help pay for people to go to college.

Most were just asking for help to cover college costs though.

But some were asking for help with paying off student loans.

Some even asked for pro-cameras and tablets for courses. Nicki was still game.

The Nicki Minaj Go-to-College Fund ended at around 10 p.m. but she promised she’d come back and do more.

While other rappers are making it rain at the club, Nicki Minaj is helping the downtrodden with their education. What’s wrong with her?

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