People Don’t Like Jamie Foxx’s Sign Language Joke

Last week, Jamie Foxx went on Jimmy Fallon to promote some s**t he’s a part of that we all have already forgotten about and thought doing fake sign language while Jimmy Fallon talked in the promo would be funny.

Model, DWTS contestant, and deaf issues activist Nyle DiMarco called him out on Twitter.

Yo, why pick on deaf people though? There aren’t even any deaf stereotypes to play with. There isn’t even an incorrect basis for comedy there. What, they flap their hands to talk? So do Italians. In fact, that is a stereotype that has already been used to ruthlessly mock Italians.

I’m not even sure what Jamie Foxx did was really even a joke.

Nyle DiMarco then wrote a whole statement calling him out.

Shout out to Jamie Foxx for offending both disabled people and making a joke that didn’t even work.

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