RadioShack’s Twitter Is So Sad and Depressing

There used to be a time where RadioShack was the go-to electronic store. If you needed a certain cable, battery or piece of electronic equipment, you went to RadioShack. Then, the internet was invented. Yes, in a bit of irony, the thing that RadioShack helped supply ended up putting them out of business. Cold world.

They tried to change their name to The Shack, but that marketing genius was fired and unemployed until this past year when Pepsi took a chance on him. He’s once again unemployed.

As RadioShack continues to die a slow death, they are trying to recoup any losses they may have suffered over the past few years by selling everything. Literally, everything.

That’s right, you can buy the famous fixtures that once held products that you paid $5 less for online.

Need some random parts and pieces? ONLY ONE DOLLAR! Or, fill up a bag.

What if I bring my own bags? I have a dozen of those reusable bags. I’ll even fill up my reusable bag with some of your plastic bags just to help you get rid of more inventory.

RadioShack is now an office supply store. How much for the sad balloons? I really want to use them for an upcoming party just so when someone asks why the balloons are half-deflated I can say, “I got them from RadioShack.”

Looks like some pretty good art at this store.

So head on down to your local RadioShack now. Located next to Blockbuster.

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