Roger Moore Passes Away At 89

Roger Moore, the famed James Bond actor, is gone after losing his battle with cancer. He children confirmed the news on twitter this morning.

While Sean Connery is the most associated name with Bond, Moore played the British spy in major movies more times than anyone with seven appearances. He’s also the longest-serving Bond. Critics didn’t like that Moore wasn’t serious enough in the role, but the dude was nearly 50 when he got the role and was 58 in his last appearance. Even he didn’t believe he should be dodging bullets and hooking up with hot Bond girls at his age.

Moore didn’t even believe he was the best Bond, putting himself behind Connery, Daniel Craig, and George Lazenby. You know the man is humble when he ranks himself behind Lazenby, who is considered by many to be the worst Bond in franchise history.

Moore’s other notable role was as Simon Templar in The Saint. I’m too young to have seen that show, but I’ve heard of Simon Templar, so Moore did something right. He was also in Spice World. In 2003, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, which is a cooler honor than any movie or TV award.

RIP Roger Moore.

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