Selena Gomez Wants the Weeknd to Impregnate Her

I don’t buy this.

Come on, hasn’t Taylor Swift backstabbed somebody else or something? Are we really doing this?

According to RadarOnline, Selena Gomez is considering pulling a move no unmarried 24-year-old should be considering, and wants The Weeknd to knock her up to keep their relationship alive.

“Some of Selena’s family believes that she is trying to trap him into getting her pregnant,” a source close to Gomez told Radar.

That is a lie.

“She is not pregnant just yet, but she has been telling her friends and family that she wants almost nothing more than to have a baby right now!”

If this happens and they pop out a baby, I will personally mail $100 to the house of everyone who reads this.

According to insiders, no one else in Selena’s life thinks that her having a baby right now is a good call, but she’s terrified that The Weeknd will leave her otherwise.


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