‘Stranger Things 2’ Is Coming and So Am I

Much about the second season of Stranger Things season 2 has been kept under wraps. But Mike and Dustin have let out some secrets.

“I think this season will be a lot [darker]. A lot more horror oriented,” Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike on the show, told Emmy Magazine. “I think people are going to like it more than the first season.”

“The great thing about this season is you get to see insights into each character on their own,” said Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin. “You’re going to see a lot more into the lives of how the characters are coping with what’s been going on…. They’re all very emotionally scarred. They feel alone because their best friend is back and he’s not acting like their best friend anymore. He’s changed.”

Ok, but what about Eleven? I just want to know if she’s still eating Eggos or if she’s learned how to make her own waffles. I hope the show doesn’t go too horror and became a parody of itself. Character development is important, but the mystery aspect was a bigger draw than the horror.

Also, I’m not done with 13 Reason Why and still have to watch Dear White People. Plus, I’m fairly certain Orange is the New Black and Master of None are returning soon. Can Netflix stop making so many great shows? I only have so much time on my hands.

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