Back Into The Danger Zone: Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun 2’

In the worst kept secret in Hollywood, Tom Cruise has confirmed that there will be a Top Gun sequel. He said he hopes to start filming within the next year. For Val Kilmer’s sake, I hope filming starts a lot sooner.

No one knows what Top Gun 2 will be about, but given that it’s 30 years later, it’s safe to assume that Cruise will still be the main star and do all of his own stunts. Tom Cruise does not age, ladies and gentlemen.

No one is even quite sure why there needs to be a Top Gun sequel other than there is always a need for speed. But there’s already been a Need for Speed movie.

I bet Kenny Loggins is super excited for this sequel, though. If he thought the royalty checks he got for the first movie were good, he’s going to be able to retire with all of the cash he banks off of the sequel. Good for you, Kenny Loggins.

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