Tomi Lahren Freed From Glenn Beck’s Grasp

Too bad we don’t get a court hearing to hear Glenn Beck’s salacious secrets.

Tomi Lahren’s lawsuit against Beck and his  media site, The Blaze, was settled out of court today.

Lahren, 24, can now go ahead and spout her opinions wherever she chooses. The Blaze also allowed Lahren to take her 4.3 million Facebook fans minus all The Blaze videos on her timeline.

You’ll remember that Lahren made some pro-choice remarks on The View that angered Beck. In apparent retaliation, they iced Lahren and took her off the air. How dare she give an opinion.

Lahren then sued The Blaze to get out of her contract. Among her allegations was that The Blaze promised to put her on TV way more often they did.

The Blaze counter sued saying Lahren was an employee and needed to honor her contract. Not sure what The Blaze gets out of it now besides getting some videos back. Seems like a whole bunch of wasted money over nothing. Lahren’s contract expired in September, so they wouldn’t have gotten much out of her anyway.

Nobody at The Blaze liked Lahren much. They had “placed yellow caution tape spelling an ‘X’ on Lahren’s dressing room door.” Basically, she was dead to them.

Now the speculation begins as to where Lahren lands. People will guess Fox News except they’re moving towards the center, away from the right, and Lahren won’t fit in there with her conservative opinion. Plus, she’ll probably ask for a shitload of money, overestimating her worth. Blonde-haired talking heads are a dime a dozen. Hope Lahren has fun trying to stay relevant without The Blaze’s money behind you.

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