My Top 6 Memes Of All Time

I, a memeologist, am here to bring you a high-quality meme experience. Here are some of the best recent memes, hot and fresh off of the press.

1. Beyonce Ordering Food

Ok, so this Beyonce meme is pure gold. Basically, the internet ran wild with a picture of her ordering food at a restaurant. It’s incredibly important to meme history.

Basically yes.

2. Kid Listening To His Headphones In The Rain

Some memes stand the test of time, like Harambe, which we will definitely get into. Other memes go in and out so fast that you might blink and miss them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of our love.

When a high school student filmed her classmate standing in the rain listening to his headphones, apparently contemplating the void, and put “Mad World” under it, he truly had his five seconds of fame.

3. That Christmas Tiddy Meme

This is a little old school, as being 6 months old in meme world is basically being ready for the meme nursing home, but it was a good one.

It has boobs in it. Boobs poking out of sweaters dressed up as reindeer. And I know how y’all heathens love boobs.

Ho ho ho.

4. Motherfucking Harambe

You can’t do a meme list without talking about Harambe, the dead Gorilla who sparked a thousand memes all over the world after being killed when a toddler got into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. A gorilla in a Chinese zoo was almost named Harambe, people voted Harambe for president, high schoolers voted Harambe for homecoming king. 2016 was truly the Year of Harambe. May he rest in power.

5. Those Fucked Up Arthur Memes

These weird sexual Arthur memes, yeah, from the kids show, got so weird the network that airs the show even asked the internet to stop.

We all know that the internet will never stop.

Then this died down and John Legend looking like Arthur became the new meme. The internet is too much.

6. Cracking Open A Cold One With The Boys

This meme is killing it right now. And it all kind of starts with a Facebook page and this video.

Which has led to thousands of these in the past few months.

If you don’t get it, then you don’t get me.

Or to crack open a cold one with the boys.

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