Waitress Fired for Boning Orlando Bloom

Worth it.

21-year-old Viviana Ross hit it off with Orlando Bloom while pouring his drinks. Apparently, sparks were so intense she followed him right back to his hotel room after her shift ended, according to The Sun.

The manager at Chiltern Firehouse in London’s West End found her in Orlando’s bed after he’d left, and fired her for fraternizing with clients. While she’s not thrilled about being fired, Ross says it was 10/10 worth it and does not regret a “night of incredible sex” with Orlando Bloom.

Yeah. Who fucking would?

According to a pal of Ross’:

“After her shift on the Friday night she got changed into normal clothes, left the bar and bumped into Orlando outside.

“They chatted and he asked her to join him in his room for a drink. Of course she said ‘Yes’.

Ross also reported that he was A+ in bed. So, what does this aspiring actress who knows how to live her life right fucking look like?

No one on earth would exactly kick Miss Kardashian Lite over here out of bed. She was well aware that it was a one night fling from the start and is glad it happened but is “hurt” that she got fired for doing her own thing while off the clock.

The Romanian aspiring actress did not get his number.

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