Maybe Olivia Munn Didn’t Cause Aaron Rodgers’ Family Drama

It turns out that Olivia Munn maybe wasn’t the main reason Aaron Rodgers isn’t speaking to his family. Rodgers, who split from Munn in April, still hasn’t talked to his family, despite his mom’s best efforts to reach out. According to US magazine’s source:

“Aaron still hasn’t been in contact with his family,” the insider tells Us. “His mom, Darla, has reached out to him multiple times in the last few months but hasn’t heard back from him.”

Maybe Aaron just doesn’t like his family for allowing their drama to play out on television and it has nothing to do with Munn? Maybe if they would have shut the hell up, he would be speaking to them right now.

Somewhere, Olivia Munn is laughing.

There is some good news here, at least for Packers fans. Now that he’s not dating Olivia Munn and he still isn’t talking to his family, Aaron must be 100 percent focused on the upcoming season. Now, if he could just prevent his family from using his name and fame to stay relevant, he’d have nothing to worry about except opposing defenses.

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