Drunk Couple Have Sex on Plane to Ibiza… Of Course, There’s Video

Ryanair has a bit of a weird reputation. While they have been called out for horrible service, they have also had some cool moments like this.

Then they had an incident last weekend with a drunk couple having sex while on a flight to Ibiza. The thing was, they didn’t even try to do the whole mile high thing of trying to do it in a cramped restroom. No, they decided to do it while still in their seats. No, this isn’t a staged porn video where they just HAPPEN to be on an empty plane. This was with other passengers. They did keep their clothes on for the most part. Apparently, the woman was wearing a skirt and she took off her panties while the guy unzipped his pants, and well… you know.

I’m going to post the video with the requisite NSFW, ADULT SCENE WARNING. It’s just a few seconds on a loop and there’s no close-ups or anything. It’s blatantly obvious what they are doing, though. At least it seems like they left the trays upright. Thank goodness for small favors, right?

The highlight of the video is the guy with the glasses stifling a smirk as the two of them go at it. Either that or the bald guy who puts his hand to his temple like, “I should have paid the extra money for first class if I could have.”

There’s an investigation into the video. I guess that’s the term they use for “watching it 25 times a day.” Their solution might be to equip their flight attendants with water pistols filled with ice-cold waters before each flight. “HEY! There will be none of that! “*squirt* Either that or they can make them sit in a three-seat row with a very stern-looking nun in between them.

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