Amber Rose’s Bush Is a Beacon for Feminism

Last Friday, Amber Rose posted a photo of her in a fur coat covered in oil without any pants. Or underwear. She went commando waving around her full bush to promote her upcoming third annual SlutWalk. The SlutWalk, if you didn’t know, is a march protesting rape culture, victim blaming, sexual assault and slut shaming.

Instagram pulled the photo in 2 hours but Amber put it back up on Twitter because feminism. “When Instagram deletes your fire ass feminist post, but you really don’t give a f*ck because everyone picked it up already,” she wrote in a video reply to Instagram.

The post wasn’t just good as symbolism but for trolling Piers Morgan. That really should be the secondary goal of any feminist-centric tweet or gram, to be honest.

I bet it’s really hard for Piers Morgan to walk with all that sand in his vagina.

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