Andrew Garfield Can’t Quite Quit Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had your typical Hollywood relationship. Fall in love on the set of a movie, go through tough times, split due to travel and working hardships. How has Hollywood not remade this movie a million times?

And, like any great Hollywood movie, Garfield now wants Stone back. Here’s what a source had to say:

“[Andrew’s] still in love with Emma. They decided to keep a friendship alive, and I think that’s why Andrew hasn’t been able to move on. He’s never looked at another girl the way he looks at Emma, and he’ll never give up hope she’ll take him back one day.”

That’s cute. Even though Garfield successfully killed the Spider-Man franchise with his terrible acting, he was good in Silence and Hacksaw Ridge. I feel like those were his attempts to win Emma back. He saw her winning awards and winning more awards and said, “I need to do some of that.” It was a valiant effort, but he didn’t win any awards that matter. Emma needs a superstar like Leo DiCaprio at this moment. And when he’s done with her in a year, then Garfield may have a shot.

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