Ariana Grande Needs to Figure Out How to Deal With Her Feelings

A tragedy happened at an Ariana Grande concert. I don’t really have a joke or special insight about that; it just totally sucked.Nineteen people were killed, and fifty more were injured by terrorists at Grande’s concert in Manchester, England.

The singer is 23, and she’s not exactly lauded for being the most mature. Adult things are hard, and she loves doing the sexy baby voice thing. Coping with a terrorist attack is harder than regular adult things, and no one is expecting her to walk away without some trauma. But man, maybe she should take some ‘me’ time.

Grande’s latest coping mechanism is to give the victims and their families free tickets to Ariana Grande shows for life. Haven’t these people suffered enough Ariana? At least those Bolivian coal miners asked for the Foo Fighters. Grande is just sort of presuming that after an unbelievable trauma, people want to be healed by her music.

Then again, we are mostly talking about people who bought tickets to her show in the first place.

Plus, she thinks Justin Bieber is Satan, so maybe she’s not so stupid after all.

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