Obama and Trudeau Are Gonna Do It

Sometimes I don’t just lament the awful words coming out of our president’s mouth. Even with the TV on mute, I have to look at his gross old man face. I look at Canada, and their sexy leader (though not as much as Ivanka Trump does) Justin Trudeau, and I get jealous. I remember happier times, when our president, Barrack Obama, was a cute nerd. It seems that the two pretty world leaders want to taunt me because they’ve started a bromance for the ages.

Obama was on his way out when Trudeau came onto the scene, but those two are just made for each other. Young, liberal, smart, good-looking, they’re basically political rock stars. And that’s how they were treated when Obama enjoyed a romantic one-on-one dinner at the Liverpool House Tuesday in Montreal. That’s basically straight out of my presidential fan-fic.

They rolled up their sleeves, enjoyed some of Canada’s finest cuisine, and got lost in each other’s eyes. Barack couldn’t stop smiling. Justin fluttered his eyelashes. “You had me at hello,” he told Barack coyly. Their feet touched under the table, but quickly withdrew as the cameras flashed. “What about Michelle?” Barack whispered. “Forget her,” Justin replied…

Oh I’m sorry. That was definitely from the fan-fic. TMZ reports that apparently they actually talked about “how to foster a new generation of leaders in their respective countries.” That’s fine I guess. They did share a hug outside the restaurant, and Trudeau’s hand lingered, for just a moment too long.

That last part was not from my fan-fic. That really happened. Like I said, a bromance for the ages.

More videos of Obama in Montreal.

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