Bella Thorne Can’t Quit Scott Disick

Remember last week when Bella Thorne was like, “Scott Disick parties too much for me“? Well, Bella obviously wants to up her game because she was seen out partying once again with Disick.

The two were at Lana Del Rey’s birthday party at 1 OAK, but ended up in Beverly Hills until 4 AM along with a mystery lady.

Poor Lana Del Rey. She’s more talented than both of them combined and no one cares that she just turned 32. They just want to talk about the alcoholic reality star and the 19-year-old.

Thorne and Disick have a whirlwind romance, or whatever you want to call this, for about a month now. It started at Cannes with some bikini top fixing. It seemed to be over when Bella said Disick partied too much and she went running back to her ex-boyfriend. But now it’s back on because these two just love attention.

Thorne recently told ET that she’s and Disick are “chillin” and that she’s “single like a pringle,” but you know what they say about Pringles. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Maybe Disick’s slogan should be “Once you Disick, you’ll always miss it.” I don’t know, I’m not Don Draper. I guess if your nickname is “The Lord” you don’t really need a slogan.

Be better than this, Bella.

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