Ben Stiller Wants to Throw His Balls at You in the Name of Charity

Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge all over again.

Dodgeball is one of the best comedies in recent memory and Ben Stiller must be hurting for money following Zoolander 2 and his recent split from Christine Taylor. Speaking of Taylor, she appears in this video that I assume was shot prior to their divorce announcement.

If they filmed this in the last week or two, credit to both Taylor and Stiller for getting through it. I’m sure Taylor wishes she was the one throwing the wrench. Anything for charity. Now we just wait and see if Taylor shows up to the charity event, which suspiciously doesn’t have a date. ENTER TO WIN A CHANCE TO PLAY DODGEBALL WITH STARS AT AN UNKNOWN TIME!

Can we talk about how everyone looks the same except Vince Vaughn? I know True Detective was rough, but I didn’t think it aged Vaughn another 10 years.

All donations go to the Stiller Foundation, which helps provide education to children around the world. That sounds like a good cause. Good on you, Ben Stiller. You can donate $10 and receive nothing but entires to get balls thrown at you. Or you can donate more and get things like autographed items or a bike.

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