Ben Stiller’s Hypochondria Ruined His Sex Life and Led to His Divorce

The self-described incredibly good-looking Ben Stiller has his share of fans. Unfortunately for his marriage, some of them were attractive ladies who were not his wife. Stiller and his wife of 17 years, Christine Taylor, are getting a divorce, that much was already known. It’s the reason for the divorce that’s shocking.

It started with a phobia. Specifically, Stiller was allegedly a hypochondriac. Anyone can relate to spending a bit too much time on WebMD and freaking themselves out, but Radar Online has a source close to Stiller that said his health fears “ruined his sex life with Taylor.” You can leave those details to the imagination.

OK, so a health scare was driving Stiller away from sex with his wife. It wasn’t stopping him from checking out other women though.

It was one specific woman he met on a movie set. Stiller spoke of her often, and it sounds like Taylor had enough, especially when Stiller swore that he was only “mentoring” her. That’s a weak excuse.

“Ben became quite taken with her and was often heard bragging about how talented the woman was and he gushed that she was ‘definitely going places!’” the source said.

“His wife Christine was not amused by her husband’s mid-life infatuation and the couple fought constantly about it, especially in recent months—because Ben stayed in touch with the gal and claimed he was only ‘mentoring’ her.”


“…When she confronted her husband, he replied, ‘You will not censor who I talk to. Back up give me my space!”

So here’s Stiller, talking up other ladies in front of his wife, texting his crush in the middle of the night, and though he is now 100% cancer-free, coping with surviving prostate cancer by avoiding sex with wife completely. That’s a nasty cocktail. Stiller’s behavior was described as erratic, swearing that the cancer was back and then throwing insane, furniture breaking tantrums.

Maybe the guy needs to go back to living as Derek Zoolander. That dude seems to have way better luck.

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