Britney Spears is a Trailblazer

Regardless of how you feel about her personally, Brittany Spears is an incredibly important cultural touchstone. And where do titans of popular culture end up in their old age? Vegas baby! After four years in Las Vegas residency, Britney Spears is finally leaving.

Her “Piece Of Me” show has ended up being  one of the most successful Las Vegas shows. She’s made something like $100 million from ticket sales alone. Think about that. Britney Spears does more for the American economy than some entire industries. Where’s her government bailout?

What’s crazy is that unlike other permanent Vegas installation artists, Britney has also spent more time on top of the charts recently than she did fifteen years ago. She’s been so successful, that other artists are mimicking her. Everyone from J-Lo to the Backstreet Boys to Pitbull have tried to cash in on a piece of the Vegas action.

After years of being a mess, Britney has made it. She can do whatever she wants now, retire, whatever. It’s not like she was ever hurting for money, but now she’s richer than lots of countries around the world. Britney, bitch.

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