Video of Bruce Lee’s Only Real Fight is Found

When we think of the late Bruce Lee, we think of one of the smoothest martial artists ever in movie history. We almost never saw him anywhere but the silver screen. Now we can see him in his only real fight, a video that shows him fighting an MMA-style match with one of his students, Ted Wong. Let’s just watch the humiliation unfold here:

Lee’s fighting style was a lot more methodical than what we see in today’s MMA, where it can reach a street-brawling level very quickly. Yes, he was wearing padding and head gear, which is not currently worn. He seemed on the defensive in the video, but I’m sure that he would have immediately adjusted his style for the change in attire. He would more than hold his own against today’s fighters like Conor McGregor. Of course, I couldn’t see the 141-pound Lee moving up in weight class to fight bigger guys like Georges St. Pierre or Chuck Liddell.

There are cool videos that this guy remastered, including Lee hitting someone with a one-inch punch. Yeah, it’s got to be seen to be believed. Just jump ahead to 2:16 or so in the video. He also humiliates a black belt with his speed and also beats someone else while wearing a blindfold.

Yeah, Lee did have a lot of choreographed scenes in movies. A lot of people think that he often had takes like this (go to about 3:10)

Sure, he may have had to have some retakes, but that other footage shows that he was the real deal. Chances are good that he would have won at least one title if he were brought into today’s MMA while in the prime of his life. I wonder what Dana White would have done then.

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