Chris Cornell’s Family Doesn’t Believe Suicide Story

Chris Cornell’s death was a surprise to the world. His family was equally disturbed by the news. While his fans are ready to accept his death as a tragic suicide and move on, his family is less accepting of that narrative. They’ve taken steps that have brought up new questions about the Soundgarden frontman’s passing.

According to TMZ, the Cornell family lawyer Kirk Pasich sent a request to the city of Detroit for their toxicology report. The police declined the request, stating that sharing it would  “compromise and/or interfere with their investigation.” Cornell’s wife Vicky has “several unanswered questions” about his death, and thinks the toxicology report will clear them up.

It’s known that Vicky was on the phone with Chris moments before his death. He claimed to have only taken a couple of Ativan, but his slurred speech and unusual attitude led Vicky to believe that he was taking something else. Cornell has a history of drug use, and his body was later found by his bodyguard, fresh track marks on his arm.

What Vicky and the Cornell family hope to learn from the toxicology report is unclear. The difference between an accidental overdose and a deliberate suicide is going to be hard to discern from a toxicology report. Unless they think he was poisoned by something exotic, they’re going to find out that he might have had a lot of drugs in his system. Regardless of his cause of death, and what people believe, hopefully his family will find a bit of peace.

Cornell was respected by his fellow musicians, and his death was seen as a tragedy in the wider community.

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