Conor McGregor Will Be Mad at the Check Floyd Mayweather Cashes

Current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley went on TMZ Sports to drop some knowledge about the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather bout.

Here’s what I learned from the video:

*Floyd Mayweather thinks Woodley is the best fighter in the UFC. This is big because it shows that Mayweather knows who Woodley is.

*Mayweather will give Woodley some tips. I assume the first tip will be, “Stop backing up against the cage all the time.”

*Woodley is a smart man to listen to Floyd when it comes to business. I didn’t exactly learn this. Woodley is underrated in how smart he is outside the Octagon.

*Woodley wants a boxing fight down the road in order to make big money. That says a lot about how much he’s making in the UFC.

*Conor will be mad at how much Floyd will make from the fight. Well, duh. I have no doubts that Conor will collect the biggest paycheck of his career, but so will Floyd. And Floyd’s checks are always bigger. Floyd wasn’t coming back and agreeing to the fight if his payout wasn’t at least double what Conor will get.

Floyd is a genius. He’s going earn around $250 million for the easiest fight of his career.

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