Dad Loves the Mets More Than His Baby

Did you catch the game last night? It was the eight inning, the Dodgers were up 6-3, and one Mets fan put his baby’s life in danger.

A foul ball came his way, and the fan knew he had to catch it. Nothing could stop him. He jumped for it, reached out, and seemed to have forgotten that he was holding his infant. Don’t worry though, he caught the ball.

Oh, and the baby is OK too. That’s probably the important thing here, right?

This guy is getting it from all sides. Keith Olbermann is calling him an idiot for one.

But perhaps more importantly to this guy, his wife does not look happy. She snatched the baby away from him, and chastised him, as he probably deserved.

What do you think is making this guy the saddest? That his favorite sports commentator thinks he’s a moron? That his baby could have died? That his wife is never going to speak to him again?

Nah, I get the feeling that he’s mostly bummed that the Mets lost.

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