Demi Lovato is Totally Emo

I don’t think of Demi Lovato as a bad girl. But maybe I should? I associate her with the Disney Channel, and um, Glee. Yeah, I watched some Glee. She doesn’t strike me as someone with street cred. I’m not even sure her private plane lands anywhere near the streets. But when she made a surprise appearance in an L.A. club, she showed off her surprising taste and surprising talent.

It turns out though, Lovato can actually sing! Not only that, but she’s got a cool emo side. (That is, if you think emo is cool, which it totally is, and if you tell me it isn’t, you won’t make me cry or anything, but I will trash talk  you on my Xanga. Or Livejournal. God I’m old.) Her last flirtation with emo style… did not go so well.

Lovato did much better this time. She stopped by Emo Nite in L.A. and belted out “Misery Business” by Paramore and an Underoath track, “”Reinventing Your Exit.” And she’s really got pipes! She objectively sounded good, and I was surprised. I guess under all that autotune on Glee there was a real singer. She just needs to stay away from the Justin Bieber pop scene.

Damn, now I want a Demi Lovato cover album that’s 100% Fall Out Boy songs. Or to go on tour with Paramore. Can you imagine what she and Hayley Williams would get up to?

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