Dennis Rodman Catches Crazy From Kim Jong-un

Dennis Rodman was never a bastion of sanity, but it seems that whatever Kim Jong-un has is contagious. The former Chicago Bull recently opened up on his very special relationship with North Korea. He even shared some unsolicited thoughts about recent events.

So Rodman is best friends with the crazy dictator of a rogue state. What’s that like? “I don’t look at the political about him,” Rodman explained. “I look at the friendship about him.”

Okay Dennis, but you know that he’s a murderer and stuff right? Is that “political”? He just had a deeply unfortunate and unfortunately dumb American kid arrested and tortured to death. No one deserves what Otto Warmbier went through.

“With the whole political,” Rodman rambled on, “With the kid that just got out and died, I didn’t know that I was the one that’s supposed to go and get him out.”

Rodman went on to speculate that even though he didn’t have to, his had something to do with Warmbier’s release. Everyone from Warmbier’s family to the U.S. State Department wants to make sure that you know this is not true.

Rodman closed out with these words of wisdom: “I’m too damn famous for all this. What am I getting from all this?”

Well, you sure aren’t getting the peace of mind of saving the life of an innocent kid.

Full interview below.

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