Disturbing Video of Guys Dog Hunting With Electric Spears

Well, this video might ruin your day. Over in Vietnam, three individuals did their best to anger animal rights advocates everywhere.

In the video. you see three helmeted guys ride up on motorcycles, faces obscured. Three dogs are behind a high fence with sharp barbed points on top. Obviously, it’s meant to keep intruders out.

One of the guys gets up, takes out a long electric spear and electrocutes the first dog.

The next guy comes along and harpoons the second dog right in the throat. The dog goes up on all fours, dead.

They struggle to grab the dogs and eventually get them out from underneath the fence.

The third dog, curious, comes over and pokes its head underneath the fence’s opening. The moment it does, one of the men electrocutes it with his spear. WTH…

At this point, the owner runs out and comes face to face with one of the thieves pointing his spear straight at him. The owner wisely retreats and the dog killer throws the remaining dog onto his motorcycle and rides away.

Hopefully, these thieves hit a pothole, flipped over and landed with those spears jammed up their buttholes.

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