Trump Supporters Freak Out Over New Moby Music Video

On Monday, electronic music DJ Moby dropped a new animated music video that makes his feelings about our president very clear — and you can bet that Trump supporters are not having it.

The video stirring up all this controversy features a robot of Donald Trump, as well as cartoon versions of Steve Bannon, Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul behind Fox News, Britain’s Theresa May, and of course, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un and Trump have some (horrifying) beef of their own, but that doesn’t mean Trump haters ever miss an opportunity to compare the two.

The video also features dollar sign-swastikas and, overall, a landscape of destruction.

The following day, it received sharp criticism from Breitbart and other right-leaning websites.

Breitbart hit the video for its dollar-turned-swastika symbolism — an obvious criticism of capitalism — in the video, and the conservative Washington Times noted how Trump “transforms into a robotic, missile-firing swastika.” How very un-American!

Meanwhile, the blog American Thinker hit the video for continuing a perceived trend started by Kathy Griffin in glorifying violence against President Trump, and normalizing this trend for children.

This was, of course, nothing compared to the flack the video got from Trump supporters on Twitter.

“But the douchebag Moby was fine with antiAmerican Obama and corrupt lying Hillary?” one user, mystified, wonders.

Others call him a “cuck” (seriously, when did this word become so ingrained in everyone’s political vocabularies?) and bemoan how the “only way to make money” these days “is to jump on the ‘hate Trump’ boat?”

Here are some of the most outraged tweets:

You can watch the video heard round the Trump-world below:

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