French Fitness Model Killed By Whipped Cream

Rebecca Burger, a French fitness model, died at the hands of a whipped cream canister. Yes, I thought it was a joke at first myself.

The pressurized can blew up on Burger, hit her in the chest, and caused a heart attack. This begs the question, what was a fitness model doing with a can of whipped cream?

Burger’s family took to Instagram to announce the news and warn others about the dangers of canned whipped cream.


Here is an example of a chantilly siphon that exploded and struck Rebecca’s thorax, resulting in her death.

Precision: the siphon that caused her death was put under seal.

Do not use this kind of utensil in your home! Several tens of thousands of defective devices are still in circulation.

Always check your pressurized cans before using, kids.

Rebecca was 33.

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