Jennifer Garner Is Mad That She’s Still Relevant

People Magazine recently ran a story about what life was like for Jennifer Garner now that she was proceeding with her divorce from Ben Affleck. There were unnamed sources who talked about her state of mind, her not wanting to date. There was a portrait of a beaming Garner on the cover.

The only problem was… Garner didn’t approve of any of this. Hell, she was quite vocal about it on her Facebook page. She said she wasn’t interviewed for the story and she didn’t pose for the cover photo. Well, when she did pose, she didn’t think that it was going to be for a story like this. From her quotes, she seemed annoyed, but I didn’t get the sense that she was in the mood to storm the People office and lay waste to everyone like Colleen Wing would in Iron Fist. I would have said Elektra, but Elodie Yung did a better job in the role – it looks like she’s going to be back in the Defenders series this summer.

I have a feeling that Garner’s going to be scrutinizing her circle of friends and staff a lot more closely when this is all said and done. Yes, she knows that her personal life is fodder for a lot of magazines. She’s amazingly wealthy. That’s one of the tradeoffs of being a celebrity. Still, this was a violation of her trust.

Some other publications thought that Garner was being tacky by speaking out about the whole thing. These magazines are part of what help keep her in the spotlight after all. It might be interpreted as a case of her biting one of the hands that feed her. I can see both sides of the story here. The overriding thought for me, though, is that I’m sick of seeing stories about whether Affleck and Garner are back together. It’s worse than soap operas. Or the entire run of Friends with Ross and Rachel.

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